Welcome to Zone Patents.

We protect what you create.

Welcome to Zone Patents, Patent Attorneys to protect your IP in New Zealand, Australia and internationally.

Welcome to Zone Patents, Patent Attorneys to protect your IP in New Zealand, Australia.

Zone Patents is a Patent Attorney firm and the latest addition to the Zone Group of IP businesses. The Zone Group which is headed by Zone Law, an Intellectual Property and business law firm, is a globally established firm and highly regarded within the Intellectual Property field.

Zone understands that protecting inventions in this competitive and global market is essential for all businesses. We have worked with local New Zealand businesses as well as overseas companies and firms for many years and bring extensive skills and experience to the table.

Zone Patents provides a full range of patent services, from drafting patent specifications, patent novelty and freedom-to-operate searching, through to patent oppositions and specialist patent litigation services.

Our People

Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy is a lawyer and a Patent Attorney having run his own successful commercial practice for 12 years. He started his career in a large intellectual property law firm where he gained experience in trademark, licensing and franchise law and brings a wealth of broad business law expertise to Zone Law.

Since then he has developed a particular interest in business, e-commerce, contract and commercial law as well as advising charities in relation to intellectual property, commercial arrangements and compliance obligations.

Jeremy’s experience is across an extensive range of intellectual property, commercial and business law (including property, trusts, and alternative dispute resolution) with a particular interest in contract negotiations. Jeremy is also a member of NZIPA and IPSANZ.

“At Zone Law we’re actually creating something unique because we can look for intellectual property solutions across a broader range of expertise, for example in the areas of marketing, contract, company, trust, copyright, employment and even property law. By this I mean that clients may come to us thinking that intellectual property is the issue, but our broad experience means we can identify opportunities and solutions in other areas of the law. The answer may in fact be in the Companies Act instead of the Trademarks Act, it might even be a commercial rather than a legal answer. We like to find practical solutions rather than simply looking at what the law can do for someone.”

Theodore Doucas

Theodore is an intellectual property lawyer and former Assistant Commissioner of Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. With a background in owning and running businesses, Theodore has also managed his own successful intellectual property practise and is a consultant for the intellectual property consultancy Zone IP.

His particular area of expertise is Trade Marks prosecution and disputes and he is a member of IPSANZ and INTA.

An entrepreneur and business owner in his own right, Theodore is passionate about leading a law firm that is motivated to achieve successful outcomes for clients that are good for business – rather than law for law’s sake.

“It doesn’t always have to be about courts and legal action – there are other ways to reach resolutions and find solutions. Getting bogged down in the law and legalities is not good for business, so our primary goal is to help clients be successful.

All of us are in business doing something we love, but occasionally roadblocks arise that can take the joy and passion out of business. Our aim is to get our clients back doing what they love to do as quickly and simply as possible.”

Dr Jo Shaw
| Consultant|

Jo has over 21 years’ experience as a Patent Attorney in New Zealand and Australia.  She has a BSc(Hons), PhD, LLB (Hons), and is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia

Jo specialises in chemical patent matters including small molecule and antibody-drug conjugates/anti-cancer vaccines; chemical synthetic processes and methodologies; food technologies including preservation, storage and encapsulation products and processes, probiotics and dairy products and processes; nutraceuticals including marine and botanical extracts, products, and extraction processes; semi chemicals.

Dr Jon Ashen
| Consultant|

Jon has had 16 years’ experience as a Patent Attorney in both New Zealand and Australia.  He is a former patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and also the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand.  Jon has a BA(Hons), MSc, PhD and is a registered Patent Attorney in both New Zealand and Australia.

Jon specialises in biological patent matters and plant variety rights (PVR).  Technologies encompassing: molecular cloning, molecular diagnostics (nucleic acid detection methods, aptamer sensors, small molecule, oligonucleotide and peptide conjugates), synthetic biology, isolated biologicals (nucleic acids, proteins, viruses, microbial strains including bacteria and fungi), host/microbe associations, biocontrol products and processes, pharmaceuticals, agriceuticals, nutriceuticals, small molecule and antibody-drug conjugates, vaccines and adjuvants, immunodiagnostics and immunotherapies.

Fiona Hartzuiker
| Paralegal|

Fiona is a paralegal in the Patent and Trade Marks team helping clients with registering their patent and trade marks. Fiona has considerable experience having worked in IP over 14 years. Fiona has experience in all aspect of trade mark law, as well as trade mark portfolio management.

When Fiona is not at work, she finds joy in reading, cherishing family time, and enthusiastically supporting her kids at their sports events.

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